Monday, December 29, 2008

Seemore Putter

Just a short post here!!! The new Seemore putter has been in my bag now for about 3 weeks and my percentage of made putts from 6-10 feet has improved dramatically. I would guess it has reduced my scores by 2-4 strokes per round. I am sure I do better with lag putts too, and inside 3 feet was rarely a problem for me, but 6-10 footers were a real challenge and I love this improved success.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seemore Putter SB1 Mallet

Seemore Putter SB1 Mallet

Several years ago, I was given a SeeMore putter which I used for years and then stopped using, because I needed a putter with a heavier putter head. SeeMore has been sold, some new models of putters have been released, and I have been trying the SB1 this week and it is going in my bag, probably for a long time.

In 2007 the SeeMore Putter Company was re-launched as it introduced a new line of milled putters with the main goal being to use its patented RifleScope Technology (RST) system to improve putter alignment.
The basic concept is a large red dot on the putter head that is aligned with the shaft. As you set up, hide the red dot from your view behind the shaft, and your alignment will always be the same. It reduces open and shut faces, decreasing pushes and pulls, but it also means that the loft will not change on you (open faces add loft and shut faces cause delofting).

The SB-1 was introduced in Sept 2008 and, according to, this mallet design has a black satin finish and a face that is 100% milled aerospace aluminum. I tested the 35-inch shaft (the lower 12 inches of the shaft is painted black to aid in hiding that red dot). The swing weight is a huge improvement and the centerline truly helps in alignment. The milled face is not black on top, so, visually there is a straight line that is 90 degrees to the centerline, which creates alignment to a “T”, which is outstanding.
I think they have delivered a wonderful putter here and I highly recommend it.

It comes with a teaching device called a triangulator, which can be used as part of your practice routine to correct alignment. I practiced with it and learned that what I thought I was aiming at was not exactly accurate. Further use of this is going to help me align better, I’m sure.

SeeMore putters have had some big wins under their belt including Payne Stewarts 1999 U.S. Open win and Zack Johnson’s 2007 Masters victory.

There are several other designs in addition to this SB1 mallet, but I like this one a lot. They are avail in many proshops or online at The SB1 retails for $225.00