Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Golf Buddy Voice

The GPS and yardage devices for golf just keep getting better and better.    Last month I was playing golf in Thailand and one of my playing partners had  a Golf Buddy Voice  clipped to the brim of his hat, like a ball marker.  He had tried it at several courses in various countries and it worked everywhere.
They also make it in a wrist watch form  (the one I tried)  and it seems much better than former Golf Buddies and even Sky Caddies I have tried in the past.
There is no downloading of courses, they are all accessible automatically and there is no annual fee. It found the course I was playing in Phoenix almost immediately.  It shows yardage to front middle and back and moves to an accurate display very quickly.  But lets say you are in very bright sunlight and the display is difficult to read.  Just push the big button on top and it “tells”  you the yardage to the middle of the green  push it and hold it and it tells you front and back of green yardages as well.  You can  even choose the language.
Did I mention that you can  toggle and have it tell you what time it is? It holds a battery charge for 11 hours, so you can play a couple rounds before it needs recharging. This just couldn’t be more user friendly,if that isn’t enough there is a wonderful tour on the website.

 It can pull up a dynamic green view, you can measure shot distances and 
you can choose between yards and meters.  
MSRP for the “Voice plus” is $179.00 but there are several places on the web where you can get it for $149.00

If you are looking for value and a bargain this is one choice you should consider.

for more information:www.golfbuddyglobal.com 

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