Sunday, November 25, 2007

Golf Channel finally on the air

My appearance on the Golf Channel finally aired on Monday and Tue Nov 19 and 20 of 2007. It turns out that they had recorded enough of an interview they decided to run it in two segments.

It was exciting to watch myself on TV with my wife and my cat (although my cat didn't really give a damn). The thrill of being in that studio came rushing back to me as I watched.
Of course I had emailed everyone I know to let them know I was going to be on.

It reminded me of an old joke about an old jewish man in a confessional: "Father I am 85 years old and last night I slept with a beautiful 25 year old woman" "Is that a jewish accent I detect," the priest asked. "Yes Father" he replied. "Why are you telling me this?" The old man answered "I'm telling everyone"

My website was overwhelmed with orders for my book and I am proud to say I am close to breaking even on this financial venture. I even got one phone call from a syndicated Golf Talk radio show called Tee to Green. They interviewed me on the phone this morning.

Winter is beginning to rear its ugly head here in Minneapolis and next Friday I'm outa here for the winter to Phoenix--- I think I'll play some golf-- but don't worry I will still have time to post on this blogsite

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Berle on the Golf Channel

I wasjust notified by the Golf Channel that the interview I taped will be aired in 2 parts on Golf Central on Monday and Tue 19 and 2o Nov 2007 Tune in

Friday, November 2, 2007

Larry Makes the Golf Channel

Yesterday, October 30,2007 I was in Orlando to record an interview on The Golf Channel. My interview was with Steve Sands, host of Golf Central. It was lots of fun and the people at the Golf Channel were wonderful to work with. I don't know when it is going to be on the air but I suspect it will be sometime before Thanksgiving. As you can imagine, the interview was around my book A GOLFER'S DREAM, and my quest to play the Top 100. After we were done the producer told me. "Our viewers are truly going to relate to this, They see an interview with a pro and they know they will never go out and shoot 65, but a quest like this they will be able to relate to, possibly even attempt"

My friend, Howdy Giles tried to arrange for me to meet Arnold Palmer while I was there. He was in town and I called his secretary to try to set an appt. "He has several people in from out of town today and tomorrow, but if there is a break in his schedule, I will call you" The next morning my cell phone rang. "Hi this is Mr. Palmer's asst. Are you near enough that you could be here in 20 minutes? he is here now and has a bit of free time" I wasn't dressed yet and on top of that I was 40 minutes away, so my opportunity to meet the king slipped through my hands. Oh well, hopefully there will be a next time