Saturday, December 29, 2007

Almost the New Year

The experience at Athletes Performance was everything I expected, hoped for and more. The exercises worked primarily on my core muscles (from the hips to the shoulders) on both strength and stability. The exercises are basic and easy to do most of them at home. But they are hugely effective.
The past couple years, when I completed a round of golf, I had sore hips and glutes. The exercises we did (and I still do) strenghtened this area to the extent that the last few rounds of golf I played did NOT result in sore muscles. There is definitely a relationship between lack of soreness and these exercises.

The week also addressed nutrition. I learned lots, but the portion most relevant to this blog is, I learned that controlling my blood sugar while playing golf is of major importance. I used to eat chocolate chip cookies and drink soda pop during my round. My blood sugar would spike, my swing would get much quicker and my abilities decreased. An hour or so later, my blood sugar would drop dramatically (just as it had risen) and I would be exhausted and my abilities would drop again for different reasons. So now I bring carrot sticks, celery, drink water and eat peanuts and sunflower seeds at intervals throughout the round. What a difference.

They have a website I recommend that you visit that website and try the exercise regimen they recommend.
Also training there was a girl who had just graduated from Stanford University, was on their golf team, and just got her LPGA Futures tour card.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Improving my physical fitness

Yesterday I started a week long program at Athletes Performance in the Phoenix area. This may be the top Athlete training facility in the U.S. Some of you may know I had a near fatal bicycle accident in June 2006, and this week of intensive training is my final act of recovery.

My goal is to get in the best physical condition I can get in during this and upcoming weeks. They emphasize, core strength, flexibility and diet. So far the place seems fantastic.
My plan is to learn from these best of world trainers and then take what I learn to my local gym and really develop my strength and conditioning.

This place attracts the worlds great athletes. Today, working out on the floor with me, were Manny Rameriz and Pat Perez (a real up and comer on the PGA tour.) I extended the same courtesy to them that they extended to me... No autographs!!!
I will fill you in as my program develops (if I don't die from trying too hard.)
Larry Berle

Friday, December 7, 2007

Book Acolades

My book, A Golfer's Dream, has been nominated for a Minnesota Book Award. The finalists will be announced in mid January. Now that is exciting. Here I am a first time author and I get this nomination.

I also recently won the PORKCHOP AWARD FOR LITERARY EXCELLENCE. However, you should know that Porkchop is my cat and I think he bestowed that award on me in order to increase his cat treats. You should also know this is the first annual Porkchop award for literary excellence, so I am honored to lead the way down what I am sure will become a prestigous award in years to come.
Thats it for today
Larry B

Finally in AZ for the season

I have been in Sunny AZ for a little over a week now. First two days were rain (but we really needed it) then 5 sunny days and now its raining again. The day before I left for AZ I spoke at a Rotary Club in Minneapolis about my book. It was a big success. There were lots of questions and best of all I sold 25 books.
Now since the Golf Channel interview, the orders are showing up steadily. A few weeks ago I did an interview on www. The host, Fred Green, told me they get over 1000 downloads a week.

The news editor for Pollstar, the trade publication for the concert industry, from which I retired 3 years ago, heard the blog and called me for an interview. All those years of concert promoting and I was never interviewed for Pollstar. Now I play 100 golf courses and write a book and I get coverage....

Next I am speaking at the East Mesa Rotary club on Monday Dec 17. I am looking forward to that, and I just got an invitation to speak at the Scottsdale Library this May.
Hey this is fun