Monday, July 28, 2014

Renegar Rx 14 Wedges

Renegar Rx 14 Wedges
by Larry Berle

Do you want shorter putts and lower scores?
Renegar Golf has introduced its new Rx14 Wedges. What makes these wedges different?    Their patented technology  for these wedges is what they refer to as “player controlled bounce.”  They define this  as having a lower leading edge and more bounce.  I don’t fully understand those terms but I can tell you what my experience was.

I tried the 60 degree and it glides very smoothly through green side bunkers.  It not only works well in sand but out of light rough too.   Most importantly, I felt very confident hitting it from a tight lie in the fairway when I was just 30 or 40 yards away and I could get shots to check up which has always been a challenge for me with previous 60 degree wedges.

They are cast stainless steel with double milled grooves for the greatest spin possible that conforms to the USGA limits.

Jack Gilbert at Renegade Golf told me, “We have the lowest leading edge out there making it easier to open up for higher lofted shots or cut through rough or hit from buried lies.”

This is a wedge worth checking out— to learn more visit