Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SunDog Sunglasses

I have been trying Sundog sunglasses on the golf course for the past few weeks. They seem quite durable and are certainly comfortable. They look good and the ones I tried wrap around my face giving protection from the sides as well.

Most important is their new lens technology, Mela- Lens. It eases eye strain and has strong UV protection. The contrast is good enough that I can see drives in flight all the way to their end.

The thing that I found most impressive is the color balance and the visual acuity. I found that this balance actually helped in seeing subtle breaks on the greens. This is rare in sunglasses, usually I have to remove them when trying to read greens. This applies to the non polarized lenses-- The polarized lenses may bring less eye strain but I can’t read green breaks with polarized lenses.

The style I tested was the charge and I liked them very much

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