Thursday, February 18, 2016

The High Heat Driver

In the past few years my tee shots have gotten shorter and shorter and harder to control.  Then I met Dean Knuth and was introduced to the High Heat Driver.  At least 10 (sometimes more) yards were added and fairways hit increased.
Mr Knuth told me that the center of Gravity has been lowered and is farther back and the sweet spot on the face has been greatly increased.   Now he's onto something, I thought  but  could it be something else thats causing it?  So I loaned it to my friend Tim O'Phelan  and asked him to try it.
Tim confirmed  the thrill I found in this club. He said it  so well that I thought I should just share his post.

High Heat by Tim Ophelan

Each year millions of dollars are spent searching for the next great breakthrough in driver design. The pressure on engineering staffs to find that breakthrough or even a slight tweak has got to be tremendous. Ad campaigns with budgets of equal size are then created to present these new concepts to the millions of golfers looking for the “Holy Grail” in their game. But not all of the great ideas come from large corporations. The television show “Shark Tank” trots out dozens of new products every year – each one coming from an inventive person who views the world a little differently.
For those who haven’t seen “Shark Tank”, entrepreneurs pitch their unique product or service to a panel of very wealthy business people with the hope of “landing” one or more of the “Sharks” as an investor and mentoring partner. The next successful “Shark Tank” participant could easily be Dean Knuth – the inventor of the High Heat driver.
In my opinion Dean would “wow” the panel with his engineering background, five patents and for good measure his knowledge of the golf industry as he spent 16 years with the United State Golf Association. For an added kicker he could bring me onto the set to provide a testimonial of how the club works for this amateur golfer.
I had been using a Mizuno MP-600 for several years which (I think) helped me drop my handicap from 9 to 7. With the Mizuno I also settled into thinking that a 240 yard drive was the best that I could do and I regularly opted to play from 6400 yards or shorter. My scores would exponentially balloon if I tried to play from the longer tees and my ego as well as my handicap suffered.
Enter the High Heat driver – I used it for 45 holes and I am hooked.  For many of those holes I had the opportunity to hit both the Mizuno and High Heat for a true life comparison. And for whatever technical reason, I have developed a draw using the High Heat which resulted in an average of 15 additional yards off the tee. Dean explains it all in engineering speak on his website, but for me it simply works and it is staying in my bag.

I’m sure the “Sharks” would be impressed with my story as well as my willingness to pay the $399.00 price tag (I’m billing my ego for half of the cost). I’m also sure that the “Sharks” will be outbidding each other for a piece of Dean’s action because he offers a 100% money back guarantee and that is the piece of the marketing puzzle that will get this driver into the hands of all those golfers looking for the “Holy Grail”.