Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Thing Charger


 Travel much?   Are you carrying chargeable electronic devices on the road with you?  Do you ever forget the charging cable in the hotel room when you check out?  or do you find that  your charging cable took the last electrical outlet and you still have one more thing to plug in?

I just spent a week with my new  Thing Charger.   It has   power tips that fit every electronic device you own and you plug it into an outlet and that outlet is still available to plug something else in.

Its wonderful at home too  (I now keep that outlet available) and I always put my cell phone in the same place, no more hunting for it— and  better yet, no messy cables sitting  on the countertops.   If that's not enough, there is no need to remove the case if its in one.

And if I should happen to need a USB port— its got two of those as well.

As a travel writer, who is on the road regularly, this is a fabulous new discovery.  Check it out at