Monday, April 15, 2013

Bobby Jones Hybrid Clubs

Bobby Jones
Hybrid clubs
by Larry Berle

It is hard to find a name in golf that is more timeless than the name Bobby Jones.  He is still the only golfer to win the grand slam  (unless you call the Tiger slam a grand slam.)

The Bobby Jones company is now in the equipment business and their  hybrids are designed by Jesse Ortiz who was at the leading edge of hybrid club design. His design concepts have been imitated by many of todays leading club manufacturers.  His father founded Orlimar golf and Jesse designed the original tri-metal which was an extremely popular club for years.

First of all, these clubs just look beautiful to the eye.  They are done in a pearl white finish and they come with the old classic knit head covers.   They are avail in 18,21,25 and 30 degrees which means they basically replace anything from 3-6 irons.  I have the 18 and 21 degree and I will be very pleased to replace the hybrids in my bag that now occupy that space.  These are beautiful to look at and truly hit the ball at least 5, maybe 10 yards further than the others of the same loft that I have tried.

Visit  and watch the 4 minute video of Jesse explaining what went into the design of these clubs.  He explains why he lowered the center of gravity and the forgiving nature of the wider and deeper face.  He also talks about the curved sole and the challenges that get created by a straight leading edge.  There are inverted runners in the bottom of the club to help it move more smoothly through the rough.  These clubs are designed to replace irons, not fairway woods.  If you have been playing golf for a while  you have probably noticed that high lofted fairway woods like 7 and 9 woods, which were popular several years ago, have virtually disappeared from the scene. The shafts are a bit shorter for greater control and  the lie angle is adjustable, which is not the case with fairway woods and he explains how to do that in his video.

 My friend Lee Silverstein has a set of these hybrids and he says “His hybrids are the best clubs in innovation and technology I have ever owned.  The ball explodes off the face of the club--it has height; length; and with the offset for my game it delivers incredibly straight or slightly draw shots on command.” 

MSRP is $159.00 each and you can order them custom made for you at

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