Friday, December 17, 2010

using the V Harness--- golf swing training aid

The V Harness is a golf training aid that has been promoted on the Golf Channel lately by Rocco Mediate and Jimmy Ballard.
This is a very simple training aid, designed to promote your swing arc to be as big as possible, when taking the club back, and it helps promote good posture and proper tension in your arms and shoulders and a proper turn.

Just put it on like a vest, adjust the shoulder straps to the proper length (something I had trouble with in the beginning) connect the v- chords to your club and Presto you have a self-coaching lesson in the connected golf swing. I worked with it several times, before I wrote about it and each time I could feel my swing improve. I could even feel the changes after I removed it and swung without it. It took some time for me to get used to but the more times I have used it the better I see the benefits.

The instructional DVD with Jimmy Ballard and Roco may be worth the price alone.

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